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Featuring New Material on (Rudimental Archives Project)

- August 23, 2016

Hi, this is my first time to blog here! My name is James Christian, and I am a former student of creator Rick Beckham. Rick has generously given his...

Welcome to the new and improved!

Rick Beckham - February 03, 2013

Welcome! And thanks for dropping by. You are looking at the New and Improved! Please explore the new site, surf the exercise links, view some video c...

Why I Believe Matched Grip Is Superior

- October 17, 2001

Author Rick Beckham compares and contrasts the anatomy, physics, musical versatility, and aesthetics of matched grip and traditional grip. This article was originally poste...

New Snare Solos: Time, Remarkovich, & Lazer Beam

- January 01, 2000

Check out these three snare drum solos available on the Rudimental Drumming Webpage! The first solo is the 1976 DCI championship snare drum solo, "Lazer Beam," w...

Drum Quartet: The Fumbling Four

- October 24, 1999

A new audio clip has been added of the Fumbling Four Drum Quartet.  This quartet was part of the Richmond Hawks Drum & Bugle Corps from Richmond, California. ...