Rudimental Ensemble Clips

*Blacklight Quartet

Paul Leo (bass drum) - Cavaliers 1968-1976

Paul Milano - Cavaliers (1970-1974 mainly snare), and Sr Corps Boys of '76 ('75 -'76), and Chicago Connection '77

Paul Swoverland - Cavaliers (1970-1972 mainly snare). Marine D&B Corps at 8th & I in Wash. D.C.

Don McWhorter - Cavaliers (1965-1974 mainly snare).

Paul Milano writes: "The Blacklight Quartet was performed in exhibition in 1967 at the Chicago Opera House during that spring, as a part of a drum corps "preview" show (east coast corps used to come to the Midwest to showcase their shows in the spring). It was performed under actual blacklight, with neon glowing sticks. It was a compilation of several of the Cavaliers previous field show drum solos, all tied together with some original parts. All of the material was written by Larry McCormick, drum instructor for the Cavaliers from the early 60's to the early 70's, and a protg of Frank Arsenault. All four of us in the video were also privelaged to have been taught by both Larry and Frank during different times while we were in the Cavaliers.

The Quartet was also performed in competition in 1967, and for the last time in 1972 (by the three guys in the video other than me -the fourth being another Cavalier snare, Don Kolenda, 1969-1972). The Quartet was undefeated (it was used in competition a total of three or four times)