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2004 College Tenor Individuals

Mike Hodges

Not too fast at peak, came out of peak too quickly.

Uneven buzzes, 2 breaks, stick drop, uneven on sextuplets. Lots of 16ths, very low demand.

25    GE
25    Exe
20    Demand
70    Total Solo
77.5 Total (Solo + Rudiment (7.5))

Jody White

One hand heavy, came out of peak too fast, took longer going into peak (accel) than coming out (decel).

2003 PAS Tenor Individuals

Overall, this was probably one of the best tenor contests I've ever seen for both high school and college.  Many players at the last PASIC I watched (in 1998) basically hacked through their solos and had rim click city.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the players this year attempted solos written at their playing level, and it made for a much more enjoyable contest.  I used the following system to rank and score everyone:

2003 Deep River Muster

The Deep River Ancient Muster just celebrated its 50th year in present form, although as an event it is actually much older. The parade "kicked off" at 12 noon and the muster followed shortly after. 63 corps were in attendance as well as many thousands of spectators. Most corps were small, typically 7/15 members and a couple were 30+ strong. Rudimental drumming expertise ranged from entry level to advanced. Although most drumming was performed in traditional fashion, there were some big surprises.

2002 DCA Snare Individuals

1.) 4 of the 27 drummers should have stayed home.
2.) Many modern day drummers were using traditional grip.
3.) Modern day drummers have become rudimental speed merchants.
4.) The tic, tic, tic sound of modern snare drums was very annoying.
5.) Sorry to see little credit given to some of the "old timers".
6.) 11th, 14th, and 15th place drummers played typical typle solos from the sixties (measured times, evenly spaced patterns played around a central theme).

2001 PAS College Snare Individuals

Overall, the style deficiencies that have been around for 10 or 15 years have become worse. The talented people have no one it seems to teach them proper arcs and angles. The grip techniques are all over the place because of the use of kevlar. It's a mess. The overall roll breakdown was slightly better from the individuals but to have that test be less than one minute is stupidic.

2001 PAS College Snare Individuals

Performers were judged on: 40 points total execution (10 on roll, 30 on solo), 30 points demand, 30 points GE. Command of the drum and sticks figured into the execution and GE scores.

1998 PAS Individuals & Drumline

Note from James Christian:  I originally wrote this review in November 1998.  In September 2016, I went back and reviewed the comments to make some slight modifications.  The main content has not changed.  Hoewver, I wanted to fix a few obvious typos and reword a few things to make the intent clearer.

John Wooton
Lee Hanson

1997 PAS Snare & Tenor Individuals


  General comments: the scores were too high, the majority of the competitors
  opened and closed the required rudiment much too quick (some played the  
  entire rudiment in 20 seconds, see Art Cappio's article
  on how to open/close a rudiment), the number of participants was
  down, probably due to the fact the convention was on the west coast instead
  of a more centralized location.

College Snare Individuals

1997 DCI Snare Individuals

Comments:  Scores way inflated by Charlie Poole , the judge for snare individuals. He stated he wanted to make the kids "feel good". All played the same difficulties  fkam 5's, one h flams in 16th, 2/3's, all multiple bounce rudiments.  No extended singles which are more physically taxing except for the Madison snares.

1997 DCI Drum Corps Show, Dallas TX

Corps in attendance
  1.) Lone Star
  2.) Delta Brigade
  3.) Southwind
  4.) Kiwanis Kavaliers
  5.) Glassmen
  6.) Colts
  7.) Carolina Crown
  8.) Magic of Orlando
  9.) Crossmen
 10.) Madison Scouts
 11.) Phantom Regiment


1996 PAS Individuals & Drumline

DISCLAIMER - This report does not cover every drumline or individual player,
             only those I witnessed.