Classic Rudimental Solos
Three Camps/Hell on the Wabash Three Camps/Hell on the Wabash (view)
The General The General (view)

The Downfall of Paris The Downfall of Paris (view)
The Connecticut Halftime The Connecticut Halftime (view)

Old Dan Tucker Old Dan Tucker (view)
Grandfather Grandfather's Clock (view)

Colossus by Job van Duijnhoven
Colossus Colossus (view)
Rudimental Solos by Max Klots
Striving for Perfection Striving for Perfection (view)
Echoes Echoes (view)

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Lazer Beam by Ken Mazur
Lazer Beam Lazer Beam (view)
Various Rudimental Solos
Time Time (view)
Old Fashioned Innerbeat Old Fashioned Innerbeat (view)

Marching with Mr. Pratt Marching with Mr. Pratt (view)
Flamdrag etude Flamdrag etude (view)

Choo Buzz Diddle Train Choo Buzz Diddle Train (view)
The Trestle The Trestle (view)

Doctor Beat Doctor Beat (view)
Curt Golder Curt Golder (view)

Remarkovich by Rick Beckham
Remarkovich Remarkovich (view)