DCA Snare Placings - 1988

1988 DCA Snare Individuals - Hershey, Pa

According to John Neurohr and Frank Nash 1988 was the first year for DCA individuals and the only caption judged that year was snares. The judging took place under the stadium during prelims. Contestants had to report to the judges immediately after their corps marched off the field, which gave the participants no time to warm up or practice. Many thanks to Danny Raymond Jr for tracking down this list.

Place Contestant Corps Represented Score
8 Terry Bieler Westshoremen 79.50
1 John Neurohr Skyliners 91.50
2 Danny Raymond Jr Skyliners 91.00
2 Rick Rogers Crusaders 91.00
4 Frank Nash Bushwackers 88.00
5 Larry Visconti Sunrisers 84.00
6 Bill Woodward Bushwackers 82.00
7 Tom Kohler Caballeros 81.50